February 20, 2010

Rio's ticked...

Because I promised the Rio Dog he'd have a walk before the Olympics started at 1:00 and it's now 1:30 = he's decided that he wants to be officially ON the blog since the blog's what messed up his schedule!! So in a further effort to pander to "Senor Senior Dog" I will of course oblige! (He doesn't know I'm using this picture from last Mom's Day wherein he declares his love for me in print for all to see). That's right, mess with the dog's head ;) But he looks younger in this photo so if there's dog vanity and he thinks about it....

Stash Challenge (Oh, no! She did it again!)....

I couldn't get the text to copy from this one but, dang it, I figured out a way to take better photos so I just deleted the original stash one as well. The OWH Special Forces of Internet Drivel will definitely be after me.. and if they can find me in the mess known as my scrap room/office, I will go willingly if they promise chocolate :)

It's a sunny Saturday in beautiful downtown Mint Hill and the Rio dog has been sunning himself on the deck while I see how much of a mess I can make with Stars & Stamps' blog! ::ducking:: I loved this stash challenge because I actually use buttons in my scrapbooking! I decided to brighten things up a bit from the pastel wonder of the baby card with a few of my favorite colors, i.e. orange and blue. I also mixed it up a bit with a "movable" card, i.e., the card message is in the "envelope" I created with the orange polka dot paper. I then crimped some orange paisley scraps and punched out the flower!

My goal is to have as easy a time taking photos and uploading them as I do thinking up cards.... don't hold your breath, ladies.... have a great weekend!!

Sketch Challenge 4 - Ooops!!!

I deleted my original post because it would not let up upload a better photo (and I did the same thing with my stash post)... hope I haven't gummed up the works.. this should be interesting.. the OWH police will be out to get me. If this text looks familiar it is but you can't be sued for copyright infringement on your own stuff!

And I quote, "I haven't seen many "new baby" cards in the sketch cards or in the boxes Dixie sends out but I know the troops need 'em... after all not only are they becoming dads while they are deployed but brothers, sisters and friends are I'm sure not on "Baby Hold" while they are gone! I adapted this week's sketch using girl paper here from K&Company (one of my favorite lines of product) called "Itsy Bitsy," a Stampendous "BABY" stamp, Powder Puff's Pink Martini ink and some ribbon scraps. I inked the edges in teal so the patterned paper would show up against the pink cardstock. Got some great little boy paper to use as well tomorrow."

February 14, 2010

Snow's gone, new week = new sketch (love this one!)

I love this week's Stars & Stamps sketch! I'm "Easter card-ed" out and have a couple of adorable baby theme stamps and some paper I never used when my grand-nieces and nephews were born. And I haven't seen many "new baby" cards in Dixie's "stash" that she's getting ready to send every week. So it's "welcome baby" this week and then on to Mother's Day.

Snow was really gone by 3:00 yesterday! Our resident "porker" deer came by for lunch around 1:00 and stayed for an hour...