June 2, 2011

OWH Midweek Challenge: Purple and Green

Missed the OWH blog hop but gearing up for the "second million" challenge which is perfect for hot weather when you want to be inside being artsy. This week's midweek challenge is to use purple and green on a card!

May 31, 2011

A Cherrful Home for the Tag Ladies & Playin' with my New Crayons!

No 63 year old woman should be so excited about a box of 24 Crayons, really, it's nuts. But I love love my new Lyra watercolors that blend so easily it's like painting. This butterfly digi is one of my favorits - and not too big an image - so I used it to experiment with some different color blends and used the images on some semi-vintage cards for OWH. And then are all these tags I've been making that needed a home and a 95 degree day in May [sorry, that's just insanely hot for May!...] seemed like a good time to build 'em a cheerful "home" on my tool table.