May 4, 2011

The Copic-Cabana!

For several months I've carried my Copics around the house and crops etc. with those snap and store units that never stayed snapped ... Since I'm retired on a budget (well sort of), I have Ciao, Sketch and a few "original" markers depending on what was on sale. Finding a way to store them has been a huge priority since I have different sizes and the "official" holders are rather pricey. My dear friend Peggy is closing her scrapbook store this month, selling the fixtures as well, and lo and behold there was this lonely acrylic shelf.. I really didn't think every marker would fit but I have 3 empty cubicles and all is organized by color, the new chart colored in, with one big "scratch off" on the to do list! It was a good evening, well except for poor Rio the wonder dog who was suffering thru thunder boomers while "mom" played with Copics until 2 a.m.!

May 2, 2011

Copic Extravaganza and Certification!

I do love my Copics.. I've experimented with the shabby chic, distressing (some of it's okay) and a ton of other "styles" in the past 15 months since retirement but coloring (Copics, watercolor crayons and pencils) has followed me from kindergarten to my 60s! Last week I took three Copic classes at Peanut Doodles, a great scrap store in Salisbury NC: coloring skin and hair, many ways to use Copics on glossy, jewels etc., airbrushing and another class on blending techniques.. new mantra is light-to-dark since I've experimented with dark to light and gotten frustrated. These two adorable cards were the project for the third class. Colleen Schaan taught these classes and she's wonderful - if you have a chance to take one of her classes somewhere in the Southeast, you will learn so much!

Next day was the 8-hour "beginner" Copic certification class, also with Colleen. I'm so excited to pursue this! Why? Just for me... some people have very negative "opinions" on the value of these classes but art is personal and the possibility of being able to teach and just enjoy this medium "for me" is my motivation, not pleasing other people! ::who put me on this soapbox?:: I caved and nearly completed my Copic collection at, got a marker holder from my dear friend, Peggy, and now hubby is busy figuring out how to improve on that.

Where did April Go?

Wow! It's been just over a month since I've been here... where I "live" online.. it was a busy month with cards for OWH, girlfriend time and classes... art, cards, and my Copic Certification!

One of my favorite techniques this month has been a 'one page wonder' card.. this one is made with a 4x10 sheet of paper cut either with four 2.5" "strips" across for 4 cards or with two 2.5" strips and then cutting the remaining section on the diagonal. Perfect for OWH cards.