June 5, 2010

Caro challenge #1,000 .. or is it 1,001? Pictures on the Blog???

Okay, I know that I don't have my lightbulb on the brightest setting but how in blazes {no pun intended] do you insert pictures at different places in a post, i.e. if I wanted to put the picture of the challenge sketch first, write a bit and then put the picture of my card?? Any help would be wonderful :):)

Sketch Challenge 19!

Sheesh... when I was trying to think of a name of this blog, the "Scraps of Time" was intended to imply scraps of memories etc. preserved in time in my cards and scrapbook pages.. but lately I've spent too few "scraps" of time keeping this up and I'm going to to better.. and resolve to try to do all of the sketch and midweek challenges on StarsandStamps. I really enjoy the challenge of creating=now the challenge of making the time!

Okay, so this week's sketch I really love because it is so versatile. Since we have been talking more about "gender neutral" and masculine cards, I took the sketch and did the "thinking of you" card but also have another using the same Technique Tuesday stamp that I love that's a little less with the sketch but a little less monochromatic. Love the Bazzill olive cardstock in the sketch card but there's just not enough "oomph" in it~ (yeah, I know I forgot to add the sketch itself but... I don't know how to add another picture to this post w/out redoing it...)