March 19, 2010

Happy Spring, Happy BlogHop

Hi! If you have reached my blog first and want to go back to the first blog so you don't miss anything, head back to Stars and Stamps and then come back 'round to visit here!

In January I had no blog. Tonight I am determined to figure out how to participate in a blog hop! So far, I've managed to post part of it too soon (deleted that) and put all the pictures on the top of the post in the wrong order (which I probably will do again) but.... here goes!!! Happy Spring, Everyone!

1. A spring-y card! Which should be at the top but is on the bottom left! I made this card for my husband's granddaughter who got baptized last week but it's a great "any message" card. I thought the litte flowers were so cute for a 7-year old and accented the flowers and leaves with sage and raspberry love that stuff!

2. Blog candy - interesting term and mine is the top picture on the left! I am a scrapbooker who happens to do cards and this "candy" is called "Perfect Layers." You can buy them on HSN or get 'em free here. If you do any scrapping and love to mat or double mat your photos and get perfect corners, this is a great system! It also comes under the heading of "you know you have too much 'stuff' when..... you buy something you already had"! My loss = your gain. The first person who leaves a comment on Scraps of Time blog here telling me what my dog Rio said gets the candy! (hint: it's on my blog...). If you are not a blogger and want to participate, please leave an e-mail addy!

3. Inspiration - This note from a soldier in the Philipines really struck a chord with me. He picked up the last card. He hopes there will be more. I hope no hero ever has to pick up the last card.

4. My inspiration story isn't about the kind of hero that sends our cards home to his family or posts on the blog. It's the story behind the middle picture you see up there. It's about the hero behind many of our brave soldiers who also risk their lives. Did you know that a hospital opened in 2008 dedicated solely to the recovery and rehabilitation of the military dogs? These brave canines currently serve with bomb sniffing and other units in Iraq and Afghanistan and get sick, shot at and injured along with their human companions. As a dog lover and someone active in animal rescue, it was so gratifying to read an article in People magazine about this outstanding unit. Some may wonder why we spend our tax money on a dog? Because they have sacrificed much in combat in many, many theatres of operation and performed invaluable tasks after 9/11 alongside our troops. And, because many of these loyal, hardworking dogs sacrificed their lives, our heros who might otherwise have been lost to us have come home to their families. That's why. We owe them this. I hope you will take a minute to learn more about the Military Dog Hospital and the wonderful work they're doing. (Rio just loved this article!)

Thanks for stopping by!


March 15, 2010

Sketch Challenge 8 - An Easy One!

The sketch challenge for this week on Stars and Stamps is one I know I'll use a lot because it's a good paper saver and can be used for all sorts of cards. I had some graduation theme paper so used it, a "Way To Go" cut with my Cricut Expression and an American Crafts star clip. Not counting the Cricut work it took me about 3 minutes! Be makin' a bunch of these Wednesday at Scrapbooks and Etc.

Oh, Deer!

We've had the most amazing time watching the deer from the pasture who come into the back yard, side yard, front yard and in general make the rounds of the cul de sac -- they haven't ventured into the front as much lately during the day although the yard's torn up so we know they sneak in under cover of darkness!

I finally got around to picking some of the better pictures I've been able to get at a Creative Memories crop last Saturday. Those of you who scrap in the CM style will recognize that I don't;) Anyway, photos on the "title" page which showed up second instead of first (this blog doesn't behave for me....) aren't as clear because they were taken thru the back kitchen window and the sun was glaring a bit. Rio can go out on the deck and they sniff and stare and he sniffs and stares.. guess they've got a silent truce goin' on...