March 15, 2010

Oh, Deer!

We've had the most amazing time watching the deer from the pasture who come into the back yard, side yard, front yard and in general make the rounds of the cul de sac -- they haven't ventured into the front as much lately during the day although the yard's torn up so we know they sneak in under cover of darkness!

I finally got around to picking some of the better pictures I've been able to get at a Creative Memories crop last Saturday. Those of you who scrap in the CM style will recognize that I don't;) Anyway, photos on the "title" page which showed up second instead of first (this blog doesn't behave for me....) aren't as clear because they were taken thru the back kitchen window and the sun was glaring a bit. Rio can go out on the deck and they sniff and stare and he sniffs and stares.. guess they've got a silent truce goin' on...

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