March 4, 2010

Stampin' Up

Wow! am I impressed with myself.. or rather with Mary Anne, the Stampin' Up goddess whose club I joined this morning. First "official" month is April but she let me play with one of this month's cards and I can tell my cardmaking is going to a whole new level. DH (Dear Husband) was massively impressed with my first venture. I will have to diss my cardio-aerobics class once a month for this (everything I want to do interferes with that!) but exercising your brain is important too and from what I saw today, my creative thinking cap will be going full steam.. I don't "learn" easily but once I "get" it, game on! So much to DH's dismay I will be deep into a Stampin' Up catalog tonight and now have 3 regular "clubs"/crops a month for scrapping, cardmaking, etc. and several miscellaneous ones (including of course cardmaking for S&S) so as you can tell, adding in aerobics twice a week, lunch on Friday and catching up on trash TV ("Real Housewives, etc.), I'm simply too busy to work ;) I do however appreciate my pittance paying internet travel job that will fund some stamps every month....

I love the embossing on the envelope too.. and the "pop dot" double layer flowers. I have a Big Shot but I think I'm going to invest in one of the new "embossing only" cutie smaller machines that Sizzix has come out with to use for cards.. it looks way easier than messing with the big sandwich and is compact enough to tote around... heading to

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