May 9, 2010

Mom's Day Cards: A Dog, A Trash Can and a Creative Hubby!

Okay so Rio the wonder dog is famous (or infamous) for his trash surfing so we do have to put the kitchen can in the bathroom and shut the door -- ::sigh:: otherwise I'm cleaning up all kinds of mess in the hall, on the day bed, etc. all the while muttering the obligatory "bad dog" every 2-3 minutes to the already contrite 65 pound black mass of hair huddled on the far end of the couch trying very hard to look invisible.

With that history in mind, I absolutely could not resist sharing this amazing card created by my hubby Steve without, I might add, the aid of the leery Rio dog who could not be lured into the bathroom even with his favorite kibbles to participate in a staged photo op with a messy trash can. Steve found this card somewhere and added his own picture inside = I know I'm prejudiced but I think it's very creative and hilarious...

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