September 1, 2010

Life's Lyrics: Do You Remember When?

I just love music - pop music mostly. Grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Frankie Valli, Paul Anka; spent college years at "Carolina" (a/k/a UNC Chapel Hill) dancing the night away with my sorority sisters to Motown; and remember songs just because I love them and they mean something to me. Soooo, when I saw a "Life's Lyrics" class offered at a recent CKC scrapbook convention, it was intriguing. Megan Hoeppner, creative editor of Creating Keepsakes magazine, taught the class and it was wonderful! Finally finished the book yesterday. I love it! I just wish it hadn't been another 6x6 book -- keep telling myself and posting stickies all over the place not not not to do these small books where everything is cut down to the bone but somehow they just lure me in~~ Here are a few of my favorite songs.....

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