October 19, 2010

Quick Quotes Private Reserve: Wow! What a Weekend!

I love Quick Quotes scrapbook product, I really do -- their papers and quotes are designed in large part by Patsy Gaut, the "momma hen" of the company (and I mean that in the best way) and their classes at Creating Keepsakes Conventions taught by the divine Michelle G. are always innovative, fun and frantic. But a whole weekend of that? Yep, the Quick Quotes Private Reserve weekend was a fabulous, longer version of fun, innovative and, yes, those sometimes frantic projects. But it is fun, right? So getting a bit behind or just deciding that the folding on one envelope project is just more than you can handle without wine is A-ok. Simply creating the rather intimidating flower technique project in under 2 hours was a major milestone in my crafting "career" as those who have tried to show me anything involving folding, sewing or wrapping will attest. The other projects all involved at least one new technique, and the Sunday scrapbook that's almost done will be a treasured momento. The make 'n takes for a nominal fee during evening crops benefited a great charity (and they were cute to boot!) so we helped other by having fun = how great is that? And throughout all of this the giveaways and prizes kept coming, the music put everyone in an upbeat mood and we chatted, shopped, cropped, ate chocolate and were treated like queens = what more can you ask for?

This was truly the "perfect" girlfriend getaway with a group of fun, crafty friends from Southern Scrapbooks. We came home with a few prizes, a ton of free product and learned so much to enhance our creativity.. QQ ladies are wonderful hostesses who are bringin' the "show" back to Atlanta next year and we're all ready to "save the date" as soon as it's announced. Highly recommend this if they come to a town near you.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I hope to go next year.
    Audrey Joy