November 11, 2011

Welcome, New Life: Big Changes... big big....

So today is a big, big day.. it's Veterans Day and a time for all to reflect on and be thankful for the service and sacrifice to our country by so many men and women over the years... Thank you all, and especially to hubby Steve! Today is also a fitting day for Sandy at Operation Write Home ( and to announce that I will be taking over duties as the new East Coast shipper. I've been making cards for OWH since I retired nearly two years ago and just enjoying all my free time..but enough is enough.. This new "full time" retirement job affords me an even greater opportunity to help our service men and women. I'm taking over from my friend Dixie who has been a huge help in the transition and whose friendship I cherish but now it's time for her to "play" for a while! Over the past couple of weeks, OWH has turned our downstairs den into a warehouse but, hey, it has a fridge stocked with drinks, HDTV and the nearby panty... I can just move there!

As an aside another big change in our lives was the loss of our beloved Rio two weeks ago. A true rescue "survivor" dog he was, at age 12, still a fun loving, gentle, sweet dog who is sorely missed by us and everyone in the 'hood but he led what I know was a "complete" dog life and passed without pain. We will never forget but always be thankful he left on his own terms...


  1. Good luck with your new "job" at OWH!! I'm sorry about Rio--hugs.

  2. Welcome to your new shipping job, Caro! You will be my new shipper, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all the effort I know it takes to get cards out to the troops.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Rio. We have a rescue dog too, and she is already an important part of the family (er, pack...)

  3. It sounds like you've created you very own OWH bunker in the downstairs den and that you really are ready to roll. I guess that means I need to get busy making some cards to send to you... MY new shipper! :)

  4. Welcome aboard!! Thanks for all you do and will do for OWH!!