January 31, 2012

Welcome Lacie Jane!

So hubby's doctor told him to "get a dog" to get us out of the dumps and after we returned from our cruise my obsession with Petfinder.com began! I've always had shelter/rescue doge and I love plotthounds sooooo when I found "Lucy" on North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue's site, we had to meet her. We "interviewed" several other candidates -- oddly enough never had a girl before -- Addy, the Visla, was in a shelter and so sweet; Nikki was a foster with a rambunctious personality; Milo the Bichon just needed some love but Lucy (now Lacie Jane)??? Rescued from a kill shelter 10 months ago, she has been in foster care for 6 months and greeted us at her foster mom's door -- within 30 seconds we knew. She has been here 3 days and has used her doggie door from the first hour, sleeps good on our bed all night through and is just the sweetest girl! Tears around the yard chasing her ball with Steve and is learning the neighborhood on her walks! Lacie started work last night as the Executive Assistant in the OWH East Coast shippers den but got no points because she slept on the job!

It's been 3 months since we lost our sweet Rio... we brought Lacie home on that anniversary. Can dogs smile in doggie heaven? If so I think her "brothers" are all happy to see another rescued forever friend in their yard, although Rio is probably counting on me to keep her from dismembering "Quacker Factory Citrus Elephant".


  1. Caro, She is so beautiful and sounds like she is going to be a lot of fun ( not a good worker, but a lot of fun). LOL Just hold off those treats until she'll comes around and pull her wieght in that office. HeHe. I'm sure Rio and his brother's are smiling down on Lacie Jane. I know that they will be happy to see you two smiling again also. Do me a favor and give her a big hug and kiss for me. I'm so happy for you.

  2. Congrats on your new baby -- she's so pretty! We have a rescue dog too, an energetic mixed breed, that brings us a lot of laughter and happiness. Enjoy your new friend!

  3. Lacie landed in a fine home! She'll be a joy to both you and Steve.

  4. Lacie Jane looks like such a sweetie! I have two more dogs that I haven't posted pictures of yet on my site - Bear and Anna. They walk me every day for 2 miles. They really help keep me sane and help me to take a break and just enjoy the day. Enjoy your sweet girl - I am sure her brothers are happy to see her and are smiling down upon you all.

  5. Congratulations on your new baby! I have a new one too, but she is not a rescue. We looked and did not find a small puppy at the shelter. We have a pet Cockatiel so we knew we needed a puppy so George could get used to having another animal in the house. I have a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel named Almond Joy (she is dark chocolate and white). I waited 8 years to get her and I am thrilled! Only problem is she doesn't always want to cooperate when I want to make cards. LOL!!!

    BTW, are you the East Coast shipper? I am almost ready to ship my very first box.