January 22, 2013

Monday, Monday.....

Steve went to music workshop overnight so I decided to make a mess and play with my Dylusions and "stuff". What to do when you just don't like your mess? The paper one, I mean.Creative block on a mess? That's supposed to happen with the traditional Stampin' Up! cards and scrapbook pages,not free range "art." I don't "hate" the pages but I just can't get the spraying technique down on "background" and even worse on the stencil spraying - great big globs! Oh, and a page "leaked" on to a good page I did in class (bummer). I'm not OCD over neatness but maybe I will dab the stencils for a while and ease up on the sprayin'. I do like the OWH collage page which is very "personal" to me and I included some collaged emails and the "Flora Adore-A" - well I just loved the name I came up with! I wasn't creative title challenged at least. .. And then I fell "up" the street walking Lacie Jane when my clog stepped off my foot and skinned my hands, knees and head on the road.. and still, no booze was consumed in the art mess or the knees and hand road rage mess ;)

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