August 19, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Convention - Acrylic Layouts

I didn't really like the acrylic workshop projects till I had time to finish at home. One "myth" I guess you'd call it is that you can't use an ATG tape gun to attach cardstock to acrylic - wrong. A water base adhesive like Tombow's won't work, a solvent from Beacon (3 in 1 or Fabric Art) has to be used on some of the embellishments and "should" be used to attach cardstock according to the instructor, but the main pieces are staying on just fine with tape I will put these in my book backed with just off white cardstock. This is still new and I'm not sure I'd use acrylic for a lot of pages but I can see some funky ones in my future One technique that really made the word/flourish "pop" on the first two pages: we colored the acrylic pieces with liquid pen, let it try and then dabbed over it lightly with brown distress ink using a dabber... brought more depth to it which really doesn't translate well in the picture.

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