January 27, 2010

Day 1 - Now What?

Into the world of blogging I go... not kicking and screaming but secure in the knowledge that it usually took me weeks to master anything new "computer-wise" at work and that it will probably take that long here. I created this blog primarily so that I can upload cards, photos and scrapbook pages to other sites. I'm used to writing travel articles, but not things about "me," so blogging could be interesting...we'll see where this goes.

I am newly retired (December '09) and am enjoying every second of it! No major mental adjustment needed. My dear hubby, Steve, helped me turn a spare bedroom into a cheerful yellow craft room/office which I've outgrown (now I also "own" his closet...) so I need to quit adding to my stash. I'm using an old library table of his for my scrap table and I love it! The room has navy and white accents and the walls are covered with pictures of places and people I love.

One of the most gratifying things since retiring has been the time to make handmade cards for our soldiers serving overseas to send home. We make them for holidays, birthdays, and "just because," send them overseas where our soldiers (and sailors) add their own messages and send them to friends and family back here in the States. Check it out at Operation Write Home (http://www.operationwritehome.org/). When I can figure out how to do it, I'll upload their avatar but after half hour with no success I'm just gonna wriggle my nose, say abracadabra, take another swig of my Irish coffee and let 'er rip~

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