January 28, 2010

Rio aka Trash Surfer Dude was at it again!

So last night we go out to The Melting Pot with Scott & Joey for dinner.. it's Charlotte Restaurant Week and a lot of really expensive places have divine menus for $30 a person.. 3-4 courses.. great time, lots of laughter.. a fun evening... brought to a screeching halt when "the dog" (see picture below where he's smiling) greets us in the garage but does NOT do the "give me a rawhide, you're home" dance. Needless to say the reason was because he'd been trash surfing in the bathroom where we had moved the kitchen trash can but forgot to close the door.. the aroma of fresh coffee grounds filled the air as they filled the carpet, floor and bed. Freshly mouthed plastic lay awry on the living room floor while "the dog" aka Rio lay penitent on the couch... to say he knew he was a bad boy is to say that the moon rises at night.. So we are again back to the 4-yr old debate (only 4 yrs old because that's how long we've been married) = how to remember to put the trash in the bathroom and shut the door OR who will invent for us a dog proof trash can??? In the cabinet might work but if he can pull over a big metal trash can and open it by stepping on the lid, why would we want him scratching the door off??????????


  1. Hi Caro! I saw your comment on our blog - I'd be happy to add you to our blog roll! :)

  2. Oh no! At least our cats are too small to knock over the kitchen trash can... that doesn't stop the little horrors from trying every now and then. I hope Rio didn't eat anything that had too many bad consequences for him!

  3. I guess he was bored a little LOL...I know how
    dogs can look when they did something..mine always had flat ears hahaha.

    Jose can't comment because she has no blog.here is mine: http://sketchesforyou.blogspot.com

    hugs fia and jose and fam.