June 24, 2010

The Copic Cabana Bar is Open!

Picture perfect stamped girls scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the Copics - I can't fight it any more
And I'm hoping that I stamped these chickies right
Or will they bleed into their dress

It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need food now
Said I'd go to bed but I've lost all control and I'm coloring now
And wondering if I'll ever get this right?
It doesn't happen all the time....

Staring at the flowers wondering what shades look right
A "B" one or a "BV" - is the 02 just too light?
And I'm wondering where the blender pen is?
I really need it now!

Another shot of Baileys - here's a girl I just adore!

Maybe I don't need the YouTube video any more
Her 20 colors seem to have gone on just right?
But will this happen all the time?

Yeah! I did it.. the Copic Cabana is open for business in beautiful downtown Mint Hill! Thanks Stars & Stamps for the digistamp and the kick in the pants midweek challenge = now it's time to get my Magnolias out and experiment some more! My still-working hubby (really nasty outside in this heat) thinks it's absolutely hysterical that his retired wife spent the last day (and night) "coloring"....

So the flowers I did with BVs and Bs to use on a card that I initially did at a Stampin' Up luncheon. The little girl I tried in 3 colors as you can see... green's my favorite color but I'll use the blue one for this week's midweek throwdown card on Stars and Stamps.
The colors for the little girl in green: face (E000, E00, R22), hair (E17, YR23), shoes (E7, E17, W1), hat and jumper (Gooo, G00, G14, G17), socks (G000, G14), mittens (R46), petticoat (RV02, RV04), shirt (RV10, RV22).
Now to turn "Miss Blue" into a patriotic card for the challenge....

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