August 24, 2010

Crafty Groove = Finding the Balance

I'm not much of a crafter..maybe because I have a bum shoulder (MRI soon will reveal the cause we hope) or until yesterday it was the dog days of summer here.. and I'm talkin' St. Bernard, Great Dane Dog Days when bees didn't fly and it was so hot the neighborhood kids didn't even want to go out and swim!

So Saturday I went to my friend Peggy's shop, Southern Scrapbooks, and did a "tiered tag tree" (see above) to use for my upcoming Christmas season Disney trip (yeah!!!!!) but also for her to have as a sample for her shop = fun day playing with all her "stuff" .... This picture is from the Adorn-It sight from whence the kit came, however, since someone forgot their camera, you get the idea....

Then Sunday and yesterday dug into my Quick Quotes stash -- probably my favorite kit club and definitely one of my top 3 paper lines. I'm going to their Private Reserve Weekend in Atlanta this fall with friends and can't wait to dig into their huge new stash of divine projects. I love their layouts but also all the projects they have using canvas. Made this canvas memory box up a month or so ago but spent a nostalgic Sunday scrapping the big tags that are the "pages" for this kit.

Kind of gotten away from scrapbooking into card mania and it's time to find a balance between the two...

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