August 16, 2010

Creating Keepsakes or Mayhem?

Whew!!! CKC-Charlotte was great event again.. quality girlfriend time, 4 of 6 classes really creative with new techniques, fun projects and an unexpectedly good one and of course -- shopping!!! Crowds were definitely down so hope it doesn't mean they will leave us next year. Made a huge deposit with Paper Loft booth again, bought a Martha Stewart scoring board to use for cards, picked up some Copics and joined Storytellers Club because it was good price, the guy was cute and Joanne and I loved their purple tote which are really the only reasons you need sometimes, right? Actually their class was very good, one of the few sold out. Had two classes with Megan Hoeppner, creative editor of CKC magazine, and she is a gem and taught some great flower-making techniques. So now it's where to put it all??? I did win door prizes this year (yeah~)one of which will help the storage dilemma a/k/a the humongous CKC hardback book on "scrapbook organization." I guess Steve knows what he will be doing as soon as he retires in 7 weeks -- ya think????

Got some great challenges out there on Copic, Magnolia and OWH sites so I need to get the juices going as soon as I can find the dining room table... where is the last ribbon for that kit????

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