November 23, 2011

Operation Write Home - Week Two

So I've jumped into my new "job" as East Coast Shipper for Operation Write Home which means (1) my cardmaking and crafting time has taken a back seat and (2) I'm enjoying every minute of it! There will be time for cardmaking -- all my contacts will get a new card with each box I send -- but it was time to get "busy" again after two years' retirement. I'm finding out quickly that our relatively small den and oversize downstairs half bath are excellent storage spaces when you stack the boxes carefully (especially on the bathroom shelves! Only thing I really forgot was to warn our letter carrier = lots of walks up the long driveway with packages!

I could not have done this transition one quarter as smoothly without Dixie, the "retiring" shipper, who is a good friend and who has been soooo helpful and patient teaching me the ropes. Now she has time to do some things she's wanted to do and to decorate her house for the holidays without the OWH decor - can't wait to see it.

Almost forgot! Operation Write Home has a card challenge with Archway Cookies for Valentine's Day.. you can get more info about that challenge at

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