March 27, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 7

Embossing basics, otherwise known in my craft room as "embossing is basic, but it's a pain in the tush to get it all out" or "why I have a half circle watermelon rug covering a burned area of the Berber carpet..."   Several techniques:  "nostalgic batik," "rusted enamel," and "distress powder resist."  These were really relatively easy and I'm done at 9:30 pm, which is amazing (due mainly to only 1 small box of cards to the OWH shipper today).  The "distress powder resist" (center)  really can only be done with Tim's distress emboss powder; I used Tattered Rose which was almost too dark and I really don't like the result (the word 'cherish') but would try again with Antique Linen and then inking with darker colors of browns, blue to see what happens.  The nostalgic batik (left) had an ironing step at the end that I paid no attention to but the embossing, then distress inking, wiping off excess ink and then stamping to give a sort of "stamp-a-ma-jig" effect is pretty cool.  The enamel (that would be the right side) might be a neat background in the right colors for an outdoorsy scrapbook page using a 5x7 piece of manila folder instead of a tag... maybe.... Tomorrow is the slow drying crackle paint -maybe I can get dishes done while it dries ;)... or Tim will sing? his praises maybe ::not nice::

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  1. Caro, Your tags are gorgeous.
    Great job on all the techniques we are
    learning. Mine don't look this great because
    I didn't have the products, stamps or paper or something. Good job. You go girl!!!!