March 30, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Days 9 and 10

Day 9 - Perfect Pearls - Didn't make my own mist with Perfect Pearls because misting with just water is an art I've not yet mastered in the crafting world (I'll get it on you if you sit next to me), although I do think that painting with the Perfect Pearls powder is pretty cool and gives a neat patina.. just need practice. The tag on the left is various Distress Inks blobbed onto a craft sheet with goops of pearls powder sprinkled on and then misting, running the tag through, misting, running the tag through ad nauseum..."Perfect splatter distress."  Nice patina (I guess) but Tim's big "OOOHHHHH"  was kinda my big "NAWWW"... Technique No. 1 looked so bizarre when Tim did it and on his sample that I didn't even try. The patina on neither of these shows up well on camera but it is a very metallic, shiny finish that really sets the image off.

Day 10 - Dimensional Mediums had a long lecture and a short project.  Basically inking, stamping, heat setting and then wiping through Rock Candy Distress Stickles, spreading the stickles over the image and letting it dry which is a shiny but not "glossy accents" shiny effect.  But "someone" didn't heat set enough so a few blurry leaves.. heat set is my new favorite phrase. Again, camera doesn't pick up real effect of the stickles.

Tomorrow he posts the gallery i.e. the Holtz gallery and I can't wait to see what some of this mess turned into and what some of the neat ones turn into  There are a couple of techniques for my Alaska scrapbooks in here and a few for cards, some just for fun and, after all, isn't that what crafty days are all about?  But I still love my Copics and watercolor crayons best.

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