March 28, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 8 (love it!)

Today was Paint Primer day using distress stains, Adirondack paint daubers, crackle paint and the first thing I should do is go back to (huge huge sale till 3/31) and order more colors of stain! Wow.. I loved all of these techniques but two really don't show up well in my photo so I've also included Mr. Holtz' picture.

On my left (and his left) is "distress crackle."  The thing with both the crackle paint and the rock candy crackle (his hearts, my buttons) is timing.  Because I've played with these before I know it can easily take an hour for these to dry and then aren't really amenable to heat setting.  So I peeked at today's samples this afternoon, put on the Scattered Straw crackle and rock candy and let 'em sit for 3 hours... Crackle paint will take distress stains into the "cracks".. you can mist and gently rub over, dry and add more color.  Adding color to "non crackled" portion of tag can be with stains or distress inks. The bottom picture shows the "cracked" effect this paint has after it dries and the Scattered Straw has taken the Peeled Paint and Weathered Wood stain into the cracks.

My middle sample and his far right (hearts) is the "shattered stains".  The rock candy crackled dries clear so you can just rub the distress stain into it for a stained glass effect, using as much or as little and blotting and drying until you get the desired effect which I did, but it doesn't show up!  And I didn't have colors I really waned to use -- Dusty Concord, Tumbled Glass and Pine Needles and maybe some Barn Door as I love the effect on Tim's samples.

My far right and his middle sample is "paint dabber resist" which he did on canvas but I did on Kraft paperand is it quick 'n easy (finally).  Using his Adirondack paint dabbers, you "dab" paint onto a stamp, quickly stamp the image (as it is water base but dries waterproof). Then you clean off the stamp with water ASAP - i.e. it dries waterproof, heat set the stamped image, lightly mist tag with water and apply distress stains (walnut and wild honey) onto the tag... the painted image resists the stain, apply as much or as little and heat set... voila!

Tomorrow is perfect pearls powder painting.. have had 'em a year and no idea what to do with them so that will be interesting.

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